GOOOOOOD MORNIN! Thursday Fursday. I guess the other day was national cat day or something. Of course, I feel like there is some sort of national _______ day every week. But today, I am feeling very thankful for my roommate’s dog Lucy, so you should feel that appreciation for your pet!

Fursday! Boom. New day created, right here, right now.

Or not. If you don’t have a pet (I don’t) lets make it Burrsday since it is getting COLDER! Which I love. Fall is my season dude.

OH! Also, Happy Halloween! What are you dressing as? Leave the answer in the FREAKIN comments! I am a pumpkin.

Alright, moving into the topic for today’s post!

The word is consistency. This concept is so incredibly important to achieving whatever it is you are after! This is not just for writers, this goes for anyone with a goal or a dream. This is for anyone who want to achieve above the norm. Consistency is REQUIRED to get where you want to go!

Let’s say you want to be an actor, because it is something I know a little bit about. You WILL NOT build a career from one audition, one call back, one commercial or even one film. It takes hundreds of auditions and dozens of gigs under your belt to begin building a name for yourself!

You cannot land one Crest commercial, smile for the camera and then sit back waiting for the millions to roll in. It’s not going to happen like that. It is going to take months, years, sometimes decades of consistency!

You want to be the top salesperson in your company? Good, go do it! Just understand that you cannot walk into work, make fifty phone calls, attend five meetings and close three deals ONE TIME and then take it easy the rest of the week.

That would be a great sales day! Now you need to do that every single day going forward!

Wait, wait, wait. What about a writer? Ah, here we go. This is something that I know quite a bit about. Do you believe that you can become a household name as a result of one book? Some of you have done some research and right now you’re thinking “JK Rowling idiot!”

Well, that would be incorrect. Yes, her first PUBLISHED book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (change to Sorcerer’s Stone later) turned into one of, if not the greatest success stories in the history of literature.

JK Rowling was the first author to become a billionaire from writing books and it all started with her very first PUBLISHED book.

However, if you think she got lucky with her first shot, you are mistaken. First of all, JK Rowling wrote A LOT before writing Harry Potter. It just so happens none of those stories were published! She still had to write and write and write to perfect her craft.

Aside from that fact, when she tried to get Harry Potter published, she was rejected by 12 publishers before it was given a chance! Without consistency, the world would have never known about this magical story.

JK Rowling didn’t give up. She kept pushing and there was no stopping her. World-wide fame, movies, books, and billions of dollars were the result of her consistency!

Am I saying that this is going to happen for you? No, but this incredible woman has proven that it is possible if you are willing to do whatever it takes. If you commit to never giving up on your dream! It won’t be easy, and it will not be without barriers, but it is achievable.

Let me give an example that is a little more relatable and again this is going to be an example taken from the writing world. There is a self-published author named Kristen Martin. She writes fantasy fiction, has a podcast, is a career coach and public speaker, and is a very successful YouTuber.

This is an author who is running a creative business that brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit every year. Sure, this is far from BILLIONS, but money isn’t the point I am going for here. Kristen has almost 40,000 subscribers on YouTube and thousands more on her social media site and podcast.

She has seven books with another on the way and she has built a creative business out of nothing and in just a couple of years has built it into a six-figure business. Not only that, she has built the life of her dreams where she is able to do what she loves for a living.

This is the result of consistency.

There is no set timeline for this, which is why so many people fail at staying consistent. It is discouraging when you are doing all the right things for weeks or months without the desired outcome showing itself.

This is the part where you have to have faith in yourself. You continue to learn, grow and push forward. It might take six months, it might take six years, but if you stay positive and you continue to push toward what you want you can achieve it!

It is important to keep your goals in mind when things get tough. Believe me, you WILL come to that point. You are going to come to a point where you wonder if it’s even worth it. You start to wonder if all of the effort will ever pay off. Then, worst of all, you will start to wonder if you’re good enough.

You’ll start to think that you aren’t good enough to be a professional actor. You start to believe that you don’t have the skills to be a top tier salesperson. You will get to a place where you start to doubt that you are able to write a good story.

Success does not come without having to overcome a little bit of doubt. In those moment, don’t focus on the things you’re afraid or what might not work out. In those moments, focus back in on your goal. Focus back in on what you want to accomplish.

Learn to be consistent. Learn to have complete focus on your goals. Learn to be disciplined in working toward what you want and most of all, learn to believe in you. You are all you have. At the end of the day, it all comes down to you.

So believe in yourself! You can do this. You are good enough. As long as you are willing to do what it takes, you can accomplish your wildest goals, so go for them and never, ever give up! I am pulling for you! Comment below and let me know your big goal! Telling someone else about it makes it real. Comment below! Make it real and go kick it’s ass!


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