GOOOOOOD MORNIN! How was your weekend? Was it awesome? Magical? Sublime? I will assume those things unless you tell me different. Why? BECAUSE I’m a FREAKIN optimist, that’s why.

I want to let you know that this is not going to be as long a post as I usually put up. The reasoning is that there has been something bouncing around in my head over the weekend and still this morning that I want to throw out there and it isn’t going to require pages and pages of explanation.

Here it is, my big thought, as the title teases. Advice is great, BUT whatever advice you receive is NEVER the only way.

We live in an era where EVERYONE is an expert. Everyone is trying to be the social media guru, the sales guru, the business guru, the wiring guru, etc. With all of the social media platforms and all the ways to put out information, anyone can claim to be an expert.

In order to keep up the charade of being an expert, they have to give their advice with a fair bit of confidence or it won’t seem legitimate. In other words, they tell you that their way is the ONLY way.

You must sell like this. You must write like this. You must work out this way. You must eat that way. You’ll never succeed unless you do THIS THING THAT I AM TELLING YOU TO DO.

I have said I am an optimist, but let it be known I am also a realist. I understand that with all the information available to us today, it is much easier to BECOME an expert at something much quicker. However, it takes more than proclaiming that you know something on YouTube.

Now, some of you might be thinking “Hold on Porter, you put these posts up every day giving advice on things…” If this is you, you’re absolutely right. BUT, you’ll notice, if you’re paying attention, that I always throw in that these are the things I do, and they may not work for everyone.

Why do I do that? Because I KNOW there are countless ways to do anything and something that may work for me might go nowhere for someone else. For me, when someone says that something is the ONLY way, I usually stop listening right there. Because that is wrong.

The reason I wanted this to be my message this morning is because it can be very confusing, especially when you are first starting out trying something new, when you have eight different people telling you that eight different ways are the only way to do something.

You want to know the truth? YOU have to figure out what works. YOU have to decide the best way for YOU to do something.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t read, watch or pay attention to others because what they CAN do is serve as a starting point for trial and error. You might have read my post last week on writing a book in a month. If you’re a writer, you might try that and find that the end result is a jumbled mess and you have to start all over again!

Or you might see someone else say it should take you a minimum of six months to write a book, try that, and then decide that PSH, you could do that in thirty days.

It all comes down to you. Having people help you is fantastic and that is my goal on this blog. To help other people in whatever it is they want to achieve. HOWEVER, I will never claim to know it all.

I will never tell you that my way is the only way, because that would make me a liar, and that’s not what I’m about. Not now. NOT EVER. Anybody get the Benchwarmers quote? HAHA! If you did, nice.

In closing, here is the deal, you gotta do what is best for you. If it works best for you to follow someone else’s process to a T, go for it! If it works better for you to take parts and pieces from many different sources and created a brand new way, awesome! If you just want to get started, make some choices and figure it out as you go, that is perfect.

Whatever route you choose, I am proud of you for going after whatever it is you want to achieve. As far as anyone living knows, we have one life. We can either spend it doing what we are told we are supposed to do, or we can spend it chasing the things we love and want.

Thankfully, we live in the United States of America, and we are free to make that choice. So, make it! Whatever you are out there doing, do it well! Strive to be the best at it! Never stop pushing forward!

I hope this was helpful for you today. I am so thankful for anyone reading and supporting me in my journey, and any way that I can better support you in yours, comment below and I will do whatever I can to help!

It is an amazing thing when you find your passion. It is even more amazing when you choose to fully commit and go after it! Give it a shot today! You got this! I am with you! Make a difference in your life today, and then try to make a difference in someone else’s!


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