GOOOOOOOD FREAKINNN MORNIN! Its Friday, gotta love Fridays! Another week in the bag, did good, got through the BS of the week and now its time to PARTAY! Time to get TRASHED and not worry about a damn thing until Monday morning!

WRONGO! (Grinch movie quote…it’s close enough to Christmas, i’m bringin out the Christmas movie quotes)

Here’s the dealeo, there is a time and a place for everything, including having some fun in whatever capacity we choose to engage in. HOWEVER, if you want to build an amazing life, your time and place for the beer and bubbly cannot be every weekend!

That is precious time! It’s sacred! We have to treat it as such and we have to protect that time just as we would with our week days! This is my opinion of course!

It is also my opinion that these two days are not to be wasted. Now, that doesn’t mean we can’t relax, spend some time with friends and family, catch a movie, etc. That isn’t what I’m saying here.

For me, these days are even more important than my week days as far as productivity is concerned. I have two whole days’ worth of time and I get to arrange those days however I choose. This is like the holy freakin grail for me.

Generally, during the week, I have a schedule that is set for me. I have an income gig in my life and I work for a tremendous company, however, the schedule is set for me. I have certain times when I must be some place. Therefore, I have to work everything else that I want to accomplish in around those times.

With the weekend though, OH-HO BOY, I get to choose exactly when I wake up, go to sleep, work, play, etc. I get to choose how productive I am going to be and how much I am going to get done because the time is all mine.

My weekends are for my family, my friends, and my passion which is writing. These things are what I love spending my time on. Take this weekend as an example. Tonight I am having dinner with a friend who I haven’t seen in months, then I am going to watch a movie with the love of my life.

Tomorrow I am going to wake up, bright and FREAKIN early to get started writing. Give me 5-6 hours and a couple pots of coffee and I will bang out probably somewhere between 7,000-10,000 words tomorrow! Then after that, I will go grab dinner with my lady! Then I might watch a little TV and enjoy some relaxation time.

Take a guess at what my Sunday is going to look like…..a hell of a lot like Saturday! I’m gonna kick its ass all over the place! Why? Because it’s mine! I am going to get more done in two days that I got done all week because I have all of that time to choose what I am going to do with.

I like having a drink now and again with some friends, going to a concert, going away for a weekend, etc. I love doing those things and there is a time and place to do all of that! It is absolutely essential to unwind once in a while and some need that more often than others.

For me though, I’m obsessed. I’m obsessed with getting better. I’m obsessed with improving. I’m obsessed with SMASHING my goals to a thousand pieces. This is my time and I make use of every single moment.

Now look, you’re going to do what you’re going to do, and I am not here to tell you there is one absolute right way to do weekends. I wouldn’t do that. I know everyone is different and everyone’s life requires different things.

HOWEVER, if you’ve been just letting the weekends drift by and you feel like your in a slump where you are in life, trying doing it different this time around. Try making use of every second this weekend!

Work towards a goal, work on yourself, strive to improve something, move forward in some way! This is your time to use for something you actually want to do, not what you have to do. So use it! Use it for a hobby or a passion. Go bird watching if that’s your thing.

Go shoot some guns! Go skydive! Work on your side business that you want to get up and running! Write a book if that is something you want to do!

Whatever it is you love to do, do it this weekend. Don’t let the time go to waste! Use it!

A man that I love, respect and admire said something that hit hard recently. He said “everyone wants to talk about how you only live once, but the truth is, you only die once, you live every day.” This is so true. We have to live every day for a purpose! Find your purpose this weekend and go after it!!!


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