GOOOOOOD MORNIN. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Sorry for the absence last week. I know I said I was planning on still having a post every day of the week, but without giving an excuse, it didn’t happen. Sorry about that!

That aside, I hope everyone had a nice time with their family and that you all had some DAMN good food. I know I did. Thanksgiving and the following weekend were my first official break from the keto diet that I have been on and NO I did not fall off the wagon, it was a planned break.

I can do a full post on my thoughts after taking a break and now jumping back on, but to keep it quick for today’s post, I definitely felt SUPER lethargic pretty much the entire weekend. Pretty low energy compared to what I have been experience on the keto.

I noticed I did not sleep as well either during the days when I was having a bunch of crap as well. Definitely saw some weight gain, which was to be expected. However, no problems jumping back on it today so far which puts it lightyears ahead of pretty much every other diet I have tried because normally, if I go off a diet, even for a day or two, its all over. Not with keto.

So that is that. If you’re interested in a deeper dive into what my thoughts are overall on the diet and how I felt in leaving it for a few days, comment below and I will do it.

So, today’s topic. What do I really want? What is my goal with all of this writing and blogging? What am I after? What is my destination?

Well, the real answer is that I want many things, but I have narrowed them down, for the sake of your valuable time, to three main concepts so as not to keep you reading this all damn day.

  • Provide an Escape
  • Help People Live a Better Life
  • Spend My Life Doing What I Love

I want to give you a glimpse at each and tell you why they are important to me and why they drive me day in and day out.

1. Provide an Escape

We live in a crazy world these days. Don’t get me wrong, human beings have always had issues and we have always had to fight through trying times, but without getting too deep into it, we really have some issues as a country and a planet right now.

I could do a whole post capturing my thoughts on all of the issues plaguing our society today, and believe me it would be a long post, but the main concept here is that with everything going the way it is, sometimes we just need to get away from it.

Sometimes we just need a break. The fact is, we don’t get to just drop life and walk away. It doesn’t stop, and we can’t hide from it and we can’t hide from our problems. HOWEVER, I believe we can, and I also believe that we should take a little break now and again.

For some people, it’s a vacation. For some, it is just shutting out the world and spending time with family or friends. For other’s it involves a few adult beverages or some recreational substance.

The way I see it, there is a much simpler and less drastic option. Reading. Watching. Consuming stories. We watch movies and read books because they entertain us and whether we realize it or not, for a while, they provide an escape from the stresses and worries of the day.

One of my musts when it comes to choosing a book I am going to read or listen to, is that it must keep my attention. It has to keep me excited and enthused about the story because I don’t want to feel like I am forcing myself to get through it.

When I find a really good book, one that truly captivates me, I get lost it in for sometimes hours. I can read and read without any idea at all about how much time has passed or what was going on while I was living within the story.

Aside from entertainment, there are people in my life who have gone through some very difficult things, things most of us can’t imagine having to deal with. Many of those individuals turned to books during those tough times.

The idea that I could create a story that helps someone through rough patch, or gives someone some peace, even if only for a few minutes, is amazing to me. It is one reason why I constantly strive to get better in my craft. I want to continuously get better and offer better books that are more and more captivating

2. Help People Live a Happier Life

So many people are unhappy with their lives and what they are doing day in and day out. I have been one of them and I still am at times. What I have done is move away from things that make me unhappy and towards the things that I love.

I will continue to move toward writing, because it is a passion. It would be a dream to someday be able to spend all of my working time doing that, but for now I have made arrangements in my life that allow me to spend more time on that passion and I continue move things around to allow more time for it.

I want to help other people do that. I want to help other people find what it is they love to do. Living a better life doesn’t necessarily revolve around work, but without something to love and have passion for, what’s the point?

Some people need nothing more than their family and friends. I think that is wonderful. I love my family and my friends more than they will ever know, but unfortunately, I cannot be with them all the time, no matter how much I wish I could. I need something more to find joy in for the times when I cannot be with them.

For me, this is writing. Creating stories. Improving in a craft and learning new skills relating to that craft. This is what excites me, motivates me and brings me happiness. We are all different, but for me, if all I did during the times I am not able to be with my family was work, eat and sleep, I would be miserable most of the time.

I want there to be more to my life and I know there are others out there like me. There are others out there who want more out of this life and I want to help. I want to help those people find out what that thing is and how to embrace it.

3. Live a Happier Life

Not incredibly different from the second concept, but this one is not about others, it is about me. I think it is very hard to help others be happy if you aren’t happy with your own life. People have done it, but there have been some tragic situations regarding people who spend their lives making everyone happy except themselves.

Your happiness matters too. It is important to take some time for you and figure out how you can make your life a little more joyful.

For me, writing is my passion. It is the thing that I love to do. I also have an interest in business, so I have found a way to start building a business around the thing that I love to do. I do this because, first and foremost, it makes me happy.

Creating stories and writing a book full of twists and turns excites me. It fills me with pride when someone reads something I wrote and then calls me to tell me they never saw the ending coming or that they couldn’t put it down.

I have something that drags me out of bed early in the morning and keeps me out of it late at night because I am too excited to see what is going to happen next. This is the thing that brings me happiness and so I flood my life with it!

Maybe this finds you at a time when you are looking for the passion in your life. Maybe you need something else to use your valuable time on as well. I hope you find that thing. I hope you find something that you truly love to do and find a way to do it as often as possible!

I believe we are all here for a reason, and I am not saying that I was born to write books, I think we have free will, but I also believe we have things we are naturally drawn too, whether by accident or design. Follow your gut on those things. Walk toward the things that naturally draw you in and away from the things that don’t!

And please, let me know if there is anything I can do to help. It is part of what I want to do! Comment below and tell me this: What do you want to do with this life?


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