GOOD MORNING or afternoon of course. I hope your day, and week are going well. Mine is going amazing, thanks for thinking of me. Today, I thought it might be nice to give you a sneak peak and brief summary of my upcoming crime thriller release, Eyes Never Lie.

This will be my fourth book and first in my new series which revolves around a veteran police Lieutenant named Casey Norris. I won’t get too far into the character here as I plan to post an in depth look into his life in the coming days prior to release which I am hoping will be in early April.

Eyes Never Lie is interesting and different from most crime thrillers as it is told from two different perspectives. That of Lieutenant Norris, and that of the serial killer who comes to be known as The Optometrist.

The story is told through the struggle of Casey Norris and his team of Detectives as they trudge through their latest homicide case. At first, it is just one girl. A one-off murder just like the thousands that take place in Montana every year. However, the case wastes little time heating up as the evidence and rising body count point to something much different.  

The serial killer has a very different point of view. Driven by a need to be seen and recognized, the killing timeline becomes shorter and shorter. The Optometrist waits and watches as the team of detectives race to stop the next murder from coming. Little do they know; they are involved in a game and they don’t make the rules.

The story keeps a fast pace where the next twist or turn is likely only a page away. Eyes Never Lie will make it nearly impossible to stop reading until you arrive at the unforeseeable end. Every great crime thriller involves an ending that leaves the reader in shock and awe. This one will be no different as Lieutenant Norris makes a discovery he would have never imagined in his wildest nightmares.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements regarding more information as well as the release date of Eyes Never Lie.

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2 thoughts on “Eyes Never Lie – Upcoming Crime Thriller

  1. I’ve read the first three of Tyler Porter’s books and have since rediscovered the joy of recreational reading. He does a great job of establishing each character such that you feel like you would recognize him/her if you saw them in public. I look forward to reading his upcoming books and discovering where his imagination will take me next.


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