Good morning or freakin afternoon. Whenever it is you are reading this, I hope it is a good time of day for you. You might have read my previous blog post which gave a quick summary and look at my upcoming release, Eyes Never Lie.

Within that post, I mentioned that I wouldn’t go too far into the main character as I planned on doing a few separate posts diving into each character as the launch date draws near. Now, I haven’t set a release date, but I am planning on sometime early in April.

The more I have thought about that idea…the more I have LOVED it. I want to give you an exclusive preview of the characters that this new story revolves around. It just wouldn’t be right not to start with the main character. The protagonist. The MAC DADDY.

Allow me to introduce you to Lieutenant Casey Norris. Lieutenant Norris has made a career of law enforcement and has been bringing down the bad guys for thirty long years in Helena, Montana.

A beautiful and friendly place for the most part, but as with anywhere, once in a while there are going to be problems. For three decades Casey Norris has prided himself on being the guy to deal with those problems.

His extensive tenure has not come easy and has not come without side effects. The lasting effects on his body and mind have driven him to drink way more than he should. Due to the things he has seen over the length of his time on the force, most nights are sleepless unless he gets a dose of his special medication.

Everyone knows that police officers don’t get paid nearly what they are worth. Their value is immeasurable, but that is normally not reflected in the paycheck. This is no different for Norris, thirty years of service or not, but it has never bothered him much. He lives well below his means, not that he has ever gone out of his way to make that the case.

He has always just been too busy with whatever case shows up on his desk to spend money on anything outside of alcohol and the rare hot meal. His home is modest, and he has no interest in making anyone think otherwise.

The one thing he has in his life just for the sake of having it is his black, 4×4 Jeep Wrangler. He admittedly splurged on the tune up as well as the off-road tires, but he figured he’d earned at least that much.  

He’s old school justice to his core. He’s closed off and reserved. The only people who were ever truly close to him are all long since dead and those in his life now know little about him outside of his daily routines and behaviors on the job.

He doesn’t know the meaning of the term political correctness and says good luck to those who might try to teach him about it. He has spent his life making decision based on gut feeling and experience and anyone who tries to push him to any other way is removed from his path quickly.

He isn’t the top of the hierarchy, but it is clear to the entire department that he is the top of the food chain. He has been around longer than most regardless of his lack of promotions. His supervisor, Captain Neil Connors, has an admittedly tough time trying to keep Norris on any sort of leash and Norris enjoys watching his Captain struggle to gain control.

When we are introduced to him, he is at the end of his career, one that has been long and riddled with accomplishments and accolades, but he cares very little about the last case. He cares about the next one.

Eyes Never Lie thrusts Lieutenant Norris into what is set to be his final case on the force as he approaches retirement. Although he doesn’t have the first clue what he will do with his new found freedom, he knows that it is now or never to get out.

Even after trying his best to walk away he finds himself dragged back into a killer’s game by way of the death of someone far too close to his heart. Through hesitation and reluctance, he finally arrives at the decision that it has to be him to bring this killer to justice and he goes on the hunt.

Sometimes, however, the truth is one that we wish we would have never discovered. The reasoning behind the string of killings and the identity of the one responsible are answers to questions he could have never thought to ask, because the answers are ones he could have never predicted.

He’s made a career as a detective and plot twists have been his life, but this time is unlike anything he has ever faced before. He finds himself faced with a choice. Stop the killer at all costs or admit that he has finally met a predator that he couldn’t overcome.

I hope you will come along on this journey with Lieutenant Norris and his team as they maneuver through this brand new story that is sure to keep you reading and gasping from beginning to unforeseeable end.

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