Good FREAKIN afternoon! God, it feels pretty good to type that again. It has been a hot minute since I have made a blog post. Several months. It has been weird, it has been trying and it has been unfortunate and THAT is why I have returned. Without further delay, lets dive real deep into my hiatus.

My last blog post was on March 16th, 2020. This was right around the time the DREADED coronavirus outbreak occurred and turned the entire world upside down. INSANITY is what it was and has been. However, I am pleased to announce that I went to Walmart yesterday and not only had they removed the obnoxiously large sign out front that demanded shoppers wear masks, they also removed the directional arrows in the isles. Progress, progress.

A LOT has happened since March. A lot. Some of you may be aware but in the first few seconds of 2020 on New Year’s Day I became engaged to the love of my life. Since then, regardless of the virus, the riots, the alleged race war, the impending election and everything else, we have been moving right along with the planning of our wedding set to take place on November 20th.

I have released four books since March as well, believe it or not. I have released three novels in my Casey Norris detective series, Eyes Never Lie, All in the Family and Sleeping Beauties. I also released the first novel in a new espionage thriller series called True Justice. You can find any of those right HERE.

I also started a Youtube Channel which you can find by searching Tyler Porter Books on Youtube or you can click right HERE. I have thirty-something videos up on that page, but to be honest, my posting there is going to be slowing down.

It just hasn’t been a whole lot of fun, if I can be perfectly frank. An apology is required to those who have subscribed and followed me there, I have tried a couple of times to resurge my presence there, but it just is not very much fun. Therefore, I am likely going to downshift my energy contribution on that particular outlet.

In other news, I have changed day jobs from the steel industry into two-way radio communications. Big industry change, but sales is the same anywhere you go. So far, it has been a good decision and I am enjoying my new 9-5 immensely.

My fiancé and I are also purchasing our first home together. We are set to close in late October and oddly enough we will get our keys the same day as our wedding! We also have our honeymoon directly following our wedding and then we are into the holidays.

BUSY, BUSY, BUSY and I LOVE IT. I have also begun production on my next novel, which will be the sequel to True Justice. I hope to have that out in November, but with everything going on, I cannot make any promises on a release date.

I also have plans for a couple of stand-alone thriller novels for early next year!

Other plans include more blog posting, an audiobook for Sleeping Beauties which is currently in production, and possibly even a PODCAST of some sort. Let me know in the comments if you would be interested in hearing my velvety smooth voice on some sort of audio program.

So that is really it, that is where I have been. I have been experimenting with some other ways to get my thoughts out there, but there is nothing like old fashion fingers on keyboard. I hope to bring you some more cool material on this platform, so stay tuned!

Also, if you are not already subscribed to my email list, you can do so in several different places here on my site, or you can simply go to the FREE book tab as you get my first novel, Love Before Law, for FREE when you sign up!

If you are interested in a different way of supporting me and my writing, please consider checking out my Patreon page where you can support me with as little as $3 a month and in return receive all sorts of cool perks and exclusive benefits. Check out what you get right HERE.

You can also find ALL of my fiction novels right HERE if you are looking for your next fantastic read as we get into the fall season! Pumpkin spice, apple cider and a great thriller. Nothing better.

Alright, I’m done. I’m out.

As always, stay happy, healthy and safe. Check in on your friends, check in on your family, and don’t forget to check in on you!

I’ll be back again very soon!

Be great.



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