Good freakin morning! I hope your Monday was tremendous and that the rest of the week goes absolutely swimmingly!

I am sure you cannot contain your excitement in finding out about my next book! For those of you who are unaware, I just released my seventh novel, and third novel in the Casey Norris detective series, Sleeping Beauties! The launch went nicely and so far, I am hearing very good things about the book. You can check that book out HERE!

But, just like every other time before, the time has come to move right along to the next one. The next novel will be the follow up to True Justice and will be the second in the Paul Marshal espionage thriller series!

I am hard at work on that book and my hope is to have it out sometime in November, or early December.

If you have not yet gotten your hands on True Justice, you can get your copy on Amazon, Kobo, Apple Ibooks, Google Books, Barnes and Noble (Nook), or you can go to the signed copies tab here on the site and get a signed copy directly from me!

I will try not to spoil that story for you, but you may want to consider reading it before you read the rest of this particular post!

This new story follows Paul into his new life after the murders of his wife and three children. In the first story, he meets a man who trains him in the ways of the assassin. He develops a deadly set of skills and uses these newfound talents to track down the real killer and serve them True Justice.

Now, after having served that justice and having nothing left, Paul has taken up an offer to meet his new mentor in Venice, Italy. For what is still the mystery, but it is soon solved as Paul is drawn further into the life of an assassin.

I plan to release more and more on this story as we get closer to the release, but for now that is where I will leave it as to not give too much away, PLUS, the story is still in production and therefore could change at any instance!

Let me know in the comments what else you would like to see from me here on this platform! I am curious about the things you are curious about!

For now, though, I am done. That’s it. I am spent.

As always, stay happy, healthy and safe.

Check in on your friends, check in on your family, and DO NOT FORGET to check in on you!

I’ll see you again real soon.

Be great.



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