“She’d imagined murders before, but she never could have imagined there would be so much blood…”

Above is one line from my upcoming stand-alone thriller novel! This book is yet to be named, but rest assured I am hard at work on finishing it and getting it available to you very soon. I realize it has been about four months since my last release and that is saying something considering I put out a book roughly every other month last year.

I have had all sorts of things going on in my life and those things did take priority which meant that my writing had to be put on hold. This is never the outcome that you hope for as a writer, but it is, as they say, what it is.

We are back now though and rejuvenated to bring you the very best thriller that I possibly can. This book is going to be more thought provoking and will carry more mystery and suspense than any of my books up to this point. The ending, which I have already committed to, is going to be one that will leave you reeling.

For me, what makes a great thriller is the big twist. The big reveal that should have been so obvious all along. The big twist in this book has me so INCREDIBLY excited. I just want the book to be finished and I want to be sitting with someone when they get to those last few pages.

You will never see this coming. I can guarantee that, and not only do I guarantee that, I guarantee this book will keep your attention from start to finish and everywhere in between.

This will be my very first stand-alone thriller and to be clear about what exactly that is, it is a book that will not be part of a series. This book will be a one-time story and will not continue. What this means is that you will get ALL of the answers to the questions that are posed in this book.

There will be no cliffhanger and there will be no stones left unturned. With my previous works, they have all been a part of a series, which have their own benefits. But sometimes you just want to read a book start to finish and when it ends, it really ends as opposed to leading into the next story.

I have attempted this one other time in my writing career with my very first novel Love Before Law which you can check out right here for the print version or get a free ebook on the free book tab here on the website.

This book was never meant to be the first in a trilogy. This was supposed to be a stand-alone as well, but my love for suspense was too much to ignore and I ended the story in a way that led into the next.

Six books and three different series later, and I am ready to put out my first stand-alone. There is just a different kind of freedom that comes with writing something that has a definitive ending.

Now, not to worry for those who are readers and lovers of my other three series. Those will continue on as well, I just want to establish a routine of throwing in a one off here and there!

I am excited to bring you more hints and clues in the coming weeks and I hope to have this book available VERY soon!

Thank you for all the support and I hope you will love this next story!!!

And happy 2021!



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