Upcoming Works

  • Third Installment in Love Before Law Series: Troubles for Matt continue as he returns to Chicago from his hometown of Council Grove, Kansas. Just when he thinks all of the issues of his past are finally behind him and buried, the deadliest piece of his history comes back for one final showdown. Claire Johnstone, his former assistant turned homicidal stalker, has escaped from the Asylum and she has taken the thing that is most precious in Matt’s life. In one act, she forces him back into a world of hunting, stalking, and murder. This time, he will not hesitate for reasons of the law. He will not hesitate for reasons of family. This time killing is not what he fights against, but it is the only thing he wants to do.
  • Count to Three: A suspenseful, crime thriller told from both the perspective of a serial killer as well as the detective assigned to the case. As the story unfolds, the killer begins playing a game with the detective, and no one in his life is safe. He rushes to solve the mystery and all the while he is on a path to discovering the truth, a truth he could never have imagined, a truth that will change his world forever.

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